I always believe in dressing up, especially in gorgeously impractical things like tulle, French lace, sequins and dazzling sparkles. Yesterday was my birthday and the talented Daniella Tello had this fantasic tulle maxi skirt made just in time for my special day. I styled the lightweight piece with an old transitional top that added a lot of dazzle and glam to the classic tulle skirt.

When I think of tulle skirts, I think of pretty little ballerinas. It’s not common to see a girl wearing a tulle skirt on the streets everyday, especially in Toronto. But tulle gives new life to your wardrobe and to have that one impractical piece to play dress up with.

The skirt was so light. It felt like I was wearing a cloud around me and was able to run around and be playful with it.

Tulle skirt (thanks to Daniella Tello) | Charlotte Russe top (old) | Salvatore Ferragamo pumps

Photos by Brian Ngo

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