The Secret Proposal in Brooklyn

two girls in the middle of the streets of Dumbo
May & I in the middle of the streets of Dumbo

It all happened so quickly. So where do I begin?

Let's start with how they met. Eric Chen (my ex-housemate) and May Wong (girlfriend). These two have become such great part of my life now, I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for them. Anyways, they met on Tinder. The wonderful app we love and hate to admit where most people meet these days, because we don't want to shame ourselves to believe we could actually find true love on a hookup app.

The two lovebirds have been together for less than two years; the same time span Eric has been living together with me as my housemate. Eric met May when he first moved into my place. So I've witnessed their relationship from the start to where they are now. As well as my relationship with Eric and May have also developed and grown deeper and closer. Their love for me and my love for them is very special and I am so grateful. Who would've thought I would find such a wonderful connection with housemates like these two.

On August 16th, Eric and I drove out to a diamond wholesaler and knew what we wanted. We didn't shop around or ask any further questions because we did our homework and knew how much we wanted to spend. It was just the matter of getting it on time for the proposal. Diamond dealers are the best deals you could get if you know one. So if you have any connections to one, I recommend going to one so you're paying the premium price for the designer name or label. The wholesaler we went to was located in Etobicoke, called The Corona Jewellery Company, and the sales representative (Olga) we had was extremely friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. The place is highly secured with maximum security and had an abundant of diamonds, metals and gems. I had my eye on so many that it was hard to focus on the main goal. But we did it. We found it. We were hesitant at first with May's ring size but I was pretty confident that she was a size up from my ring size, 3. Yes, my ring size is super tiny!

A man proposing to his girlfriend under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.
Eric on one knee proposing to May under the Brooklyn Bridge. This moment was so exciting and so perfect.

Let's fast forward to New York and tell you how difficult it was to keep this quiet from May. May has become my closest friend and might as well be my roommate since she is over our place very often. I have offered her to move in on many occasions (ha-ha!) before Eric could ask her. I loved having her over. I loved coming home to these two cooking up a storm in the kitchen or watching reruns of The Office while they're both doing their own thing on their laptops or cellphones. So when I know Eric is going to propose to May in a few weeks, I get so excited and wish May knew why Eric and I are so excited about. Keeping a secret from her was extremely difficult because I don't like keeping secrets and I also hate surprises myself so I hate holding these things quietly to myself.

On Saturday, September 7th, Brian and I woke up at 5am to get ready, head out to Brooklyn and set up our equipment for the proposal spot. We wanted to capture the sunrise behind the Brooklyn Bridge with as little people there as possible in our shots, hence why we had to do this very early in the morning. Eric had to come up with a very good excuse to have May wake up for the sunrise with a full face of makeup on. How was he going to do that? I prayed that May would be a good sport and go along with Eric's dying wish to see the sunrise. Surprisingly, she was buying it.

She said YES!

At the scene, I had my back to them while I was pretending to take selfies with my friend. Once I heard Eric walk up right behind me and began his proposal speech, I turned around and I started filming. May turned around and was completely shocked that I was there. She had no idea Brian and I was in New York. Eric had flown us into New York to be apart of their special weekend. We wanted to also capture every moment on film so we could replay it on their wedding day and everyday moving forward. It was absolutely beautiful and I am so proud to have these two lovebirds in my life. After the proposal, we shared our stories of our difficulties of hiding this secrecy and May's suspicions of me being in New York since I have hinted that I would be coming. It was frustrating for me to keep myself hidden on social media so I didn't post anything on Instagram for two days until the proposal. We gave them a special photoshoot for their new engagement to share to the world.

They have found their wedding venue and set their date for next year: August 9th, 2020

Stay tuned, I will be one of the groom's men :)

Photography by Brian Ngo

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