the comeback tearaway pants everyone must have

I love it when you guys notice a change in the way I dress. Just like fashion, I am evolving and developing new and unique tastes in the way I like to express myself. The wonderful thing about fashion is that I get to try new things and express myself in the way I dress, do my makeup, what I read, eat and do things altogether or not together at all. Some days, I want to put on a pair of old school tearaway trousers and other days I want to cozy up in a multi-coloured faux fur coat. I’m not afraid to step outside into the world looking different because of the how I feel at that moment in time.

For instance, in this post today, I am bringing back the tearaways into my wardrobe. Once upon a time, I sported this bad boy pants in a baby blue colour in high school. I remember a wild child tearing away a poor girl’s pants on the open field and exposed in front of hundreds of students. Let’s just say, I am glad she had underwear on. Here’s my comeback look for the grocery run at Kensington market. I love the return of the pants as it not only looks good for casualwear but also looks cool with a pair of heels and an oversized sweater. It’s a must-have pant every man and woman should have in their closet right now!

Zara pants /

Zara sweater /

Theory shirt /

Browns booties

Photography Brian Ngo

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