#tfw: super long white shirt & pegged trousers


Toronto Fashion Week has started and I’m going frantic trying to balance school, fittings with the designers, attending all of the shows and after parties, and my social life. I feel terrible that I haven’t seen my parents for over two weeks, but explaining to them about this other life of mine is more difficult than balancing my life. It’s Day 3 into TFW now. The day just started, yet I’m still overwhelmed with the day and the rest of the week ahead.

Yesterday, I was very devastated because I lost my fave Victoria Beckham sunglasses at the LaMarque show and my car keys were locked inside of my car. Looking past that now, I wore a long flowy shirt underneath this soft grey sweater and pegged trousers. The super long shirt makes it a dimensional layered look to the classic sweater and trouser look.