Miira Mew top | G2000 collar top | Tory Burch denim | Salvatore Ferragamo heels

Prada Saffiano bag

Every year fashion enthusiasts love to say that prints are in trend again and splattered all over the runway to prove that point. It makes you question, were prints ever out or do we like to say it is so we have a reason to shop and refresh our wardrobe? Whatever it is, I personally love prints as it enhances the entire outfit to an astronomical level of fashionista. Prints come back year after year in the most current styles improvised from the hottest runways. Here’s my take on the classic black and white print.

No matter what the occasion, I styled this elevated classic print over a white collar blouse and straight leg jeans. This style emphasizes the bold monochrome print with statement-making accents to complete the look.

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Photos by Brian Ngo

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