Bon soir tout le monde! Hier, je suis allé à la fête des métiers. In other words, I had the opportunity to attend the Festival des Métiers (Festival of Crafts). The renowned Hermès hosted a cultural design exhibit at the Design Exchange where the exhibit featured an intimate behind the scene demonstrations by craftsmen and women from their very own workshop in France. The Festival des Métiers has been held with huge success in cities all over the world, including New York, Paris, Taipei, Brussels and Paragon. I explore the detailed craftsmanship of each horse saddle, scarf, handbag, glove, tie, and porcelain display. I was very taken with the time and commitment put in to each piece of art. It makes you not wonder about the hefty price tag like the noted Birkin Bag but rather the highest quality of materials and labour of each piece that makes it so rewarding to add to your fashion essentials.

Merci pour la lecture!

Photos by T. Pham

Stay Fabulous!

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