I’ve always admired Kimberly Newport-Mimran for her hard work and dedication that has brought her to where she is today. Every stepping-stone she has taken in the fashion industry is similarly how I see myself heading in the next ten years. Newport-Mimran started some time in her early career in the buying office at the Hudson Bay Company then moved on to product development and merchandising at Club Monaco, where she expanded her knowledge and experience in the industry. Now she is a global head designer of the womenswear line, Pink Tartan. It is incredible stories like this that inspire me to strive for more and remind myself of what I am doing to pursue my dreams. She believed she could, and so she did.

At Toronto fashion week, I couldn’t help but notice the chunky and oversized accessories like the chunky knitted scarves and large furry mittens. Also, there were a lot of play on the fabrics and textures – tartan on tartan, houndstooth, and mixtures of knits, leather and fur. Heaps of turtlenecks and layers were showcased on the catwalk; enough to battle through the Northern winds. However, nothing from the collection was hidden under oversized coats that would cover up the inside fashionista. Let me know what you think of the FW14 collection and which are your fave pieces.

Thank you for walking through the runway with me, return for more incredible collections this week. Talk soon.

Stay Fabulous

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Photos by Kevin Chung

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