OVO Fest!

October’s Very Own Drake has pulled another great show his 4th annual concert with legendary hip hop artists like Ma$e, P. Diddy, Kanye West and TLC. Ma$e returns for a one time only performance, it was incredible to be apart of hip hop’s history. I apologize the videos are a little shaky and has very bad sound quality, it was filmed on my iPhone 4s as well as these raw pictures from Monday evening. On another note, I wore these cute, old high-waisted denim Mavi shorts with a crop tank from Urban Outfitters. My girlfriends kept it simple as well with a tank and shorts. Well I hope you enjoy my first video I’ve put together all of yesterday but I noticed there were a couple of errors on it after I’ve exported the video. So where it says “Title Text Here,” the song is Fanmail by TLC. Enjoy!

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