This elegant ‘black touch beaded bracelet employs and empowers underprivileged young women in Toronto. With each bracelet, an opportunity is created for a woman to earn a living wage by producing each bracelet by hand. For each bracelet sold, Project Village will also give a donation to support her empowerment programs at The Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment. This will help break the cycle of dependence and poverty and change her life forever. If you would like to help change a woman’s life out of poverty, purchase any bracelet style here. There are an abundant of styles for men and women and they are quite stylish and great for layering with your other accessories.

Vince Yaeger loafers (here) | Little Mistress Girls on Film crop jumper (here) | Zara skirt

Accessories: Project Village Black Touch bracelet (here) | Vita Fede titan bracelet (here)

Oak + Fort necklace | Chloe Paraty bag

These uniformed loafers make a great addition to any closet, best worn with my fave city lounge suits or dresses for the downtown pub hop with good company. Take my outfit for example, the pop of the burgundy crop jumper takes a night of spontaneity to the next level of fun and style.

Special thanks to ShopBop, Red Light PR, Little Mistress and Project Village.

Photos by Vivian Chin

Shop the look here:

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