New-In Beauty: Guerlain's Spring Launch

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Recently, I've had the pleasure of exploring Guerlain's new spring launch. There is something new for each category - fragrance, skincare and cosmetics. I've been Guerlain user for 4 years and I absolutely love everything about the brand. First of all, Guerlain is a Parisian brand, founded in Paris in 1828; now owned by the French multinational company LVMH since 1994. The quality of the ingredients is very well protected and is mostly made from 6 natural materials, derived from 7 sustainable industries. The brand's core value in sustainable development is paving the way for others and covers every product it offers. This value also carries over to its packaging as it is stunning and luxurious for long life and many decades to enjoy. "On the product side: refillability, lighter packaging, natural formulations, improving the carbon footprint linked to their manufacture and transport to their point of sale are tangible proof of the sustainable development approach that has guided the company consistently for over a decade." - Guerlain

I am happy and proud to introduce you all to their new spring collection.

New-In Frangrance: Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose

This new passion in a bottle is composed of a bouquet of roses and sweetness of a pear, along with its signature pairings of vanilla, lavender and sandalwood. Its fruity floral sillage is sure to set hearts aflame.

I loved this light beautiful scent as it is exciting to smell the beginning of fresh spring florals and the aromatic story of what's to come. The fragrance invites women to share their passions and affirm their ardent personalities.

Available exclusively at Hudson's Bay or online.

SRP: $120

New-In Frangrance: Guerlain L'Heure Blanche

The bee bottles are nourished with passion, always cheerful and extroverted. This exceptional creation is one of many stepping stones to claiming a woman's place in a man's world.

There was one bottle that really captured my heart and beautifully handcrafted in porcelain matte white to reflect the famous French artist's world of Claudine Drai. The musky-floral fragrance, L'Heure Blanche, was launched in February 2020. There are only 1888 bottles made in the world so each bottle is limited and a numbered edition. Each bottle adorned with a delicate silk ribbon bearing a secret message.

L'Heure Blanche comes as a 125ml Eau de Parfum with a 20ml travel spray packed in a white leather. The retail price for this exclusive fragrance is $900 CAD.

Available exclusively at Holt Renfrew

New-In Beauty: Rouge G Customizable Lipstick

This spring, you could choose your favourite lip colour to go with your own case from an array of styles. This new collection is composed of 7 natural sheer shine colours with a gem-like facetted bullet and 8 new jewel cases. My favorites are are the studded gems with satin lipstick shades. Don't fret, there are matte lipstick shades too if you're afraid of shine. Every woman is unique so you could choose your shade, then your case to customize your own perfect lipstick. There are more than 450 possibilities!

I am very extra when it comes to my accessories so these cases compliment my personality and style. I absolutely love how nourishing and plump my lips are every time I wear it. The formula contains hyaluronic acid and guggul resin to help smooth and plump up your lips. It is the perfect combination to give you a natural fillered-lip without any needles.

My go-to satin colours are #22, #28, #41, #45 and #42. These colours have warmer undertones that really brightens up my complexion and my mood. Bluish undertones never work for me because it darkens the mood and makes me appear paler than normal. I am naturally very pale so I need to look lively than washed out.

What are your go-to colours?

Pre-launch at Sephora on April 3rd

Available at other retailers from May 1st: Shoppers Drug Mart, Holt Renfrew, Hudson's Bay, & Nordstrom

Case SRP: $24

Shade SRP: $40

New-In Beauty: L'Essential Pore Minimizer Shine Control Primer

Want to know my secret to perfect poreless skin and no makeup makeup?

I get this question all the time about my foundation or products I've used to glow up. My answer is: good genetics and Guerlain's L'Essential Natural Glow foundation. Personally, I have 3 different shades to choose from according to my skin's complexion each season. Lighter shade for the winter and a darker shade for the summer glow up. Before applying my foundation with a brush, I have to apply the new L'Essential Pore Minimizer Shine Control Primer. The formula contains 97% of naturally-derived ingredients including avocado extract! It also helps minimize and smooth out your pores while you're wearing makeup and it remains matte and even all day long. Immediately and over time, the appearance of pores is diminished and skin texture is refined. This primer is my necessity and is always applied after my sunscreen everyday before I apply my makeup.

Available at all retailers.

SRP: $60

New-In Beauty: Abeille Royale Multi-Wrinkle Minimizer Eye Cream

This new eye cream is the new creme-de-la-creme solution to effectively combat the visible signs of ageing, namely wrinkles and loss of firmness. It targets multiple wrinkles in the eye area contour area, from fine surface lines to frown lines and crow's feet, for a visibly rejuvenate eye area day after day.

The formula contains 94% of naturally-derived ingredients and contain exclusive blend of carefully selected bee products: Ouessant Island honey, Corsican honey, New Zealand clover honey and Guerlain's exclusive Royal Jelly, harvested in France.

Available at all retailers.

SRP: $149

I am really excited about spring and the warmer temperatures. Let us all pray and wish for this world to get better so we could enjoy the new season sooner than later. Be safe and healthy!

Let me know what you think of the new Guerlain spring collection. I am curious to hear about your experiences. - XO

Portrait photography by Brian Ngo

Product photography by me

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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