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I love me a fine piece of jewellery.  It really just goes with absolutely everything in my wardrobe.  Dainty, timeless and refined is how I like to describe my personal taste in my jewellery.  Also, it has to be real! 14k or 18k solid gold, I’ll accept gold plated too if it’s priced just right.  It’s difficult to find luxurious, quality fine jewellery that’s not going burn a hole in my wallet.  However, Mejuri understands me, or shall I say for most women with my struggle.

The long necklace and freshwater pearl threaders defines my “angelic beauty” (according to the beauty test I took on Youtube).  Its radiant and angelic details makes it extremely feminine and pure.  But that goes for every single Mejuri piece.  It’s classic, beautiful and subtle.  I’ve been obsessed with Mejuri since forever and can’t wait to add more to my collection.

One long necklace / Pearl threaders

Club Monaco top

In partnership with Mejuri Photography by Brian Ngo

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