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Huge thanks to +Misa Lee from Misarasu, +Sie Cajilig from Pastel Rave and +Busola Coutts from The Fashion Stir Fry for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Thanks a bunch fellow bloggers, I really appreciate your time and consideration for following my blog and giving me your support. For those who don’t know what Liebster Award is, it really has no particular origin or website but liebster in German means dearest. Therefore, it interprets to me as a really fun and cool way to help promote your dearest blogs and connect with other bloggers. It is a really beautiful chain amongst growing, up and coming blogs but with a few good rules: 1. Each nominee should answer the 11 questions by the tagger. 2. Choose five bloggers with under 200 followers to pass this award to link them in your post. 3. Create 11 new questions for your chosen bloggers. 4. Go to their page and tell them about the nomination. 5. No tag backs. Questions asked by +Misa Lee from Misarasu: 1. What is your nickname? I don’t have one, just Lina is good with me. 2. Your natural hair colour? Dark brown, shhh… no one needs to know that =P 3. What’s your favourite article of clothing? Dresses! Being the biggest girly-girl that I am, I love to dress up. Ever since I started walking, I loved to mimic everything that my mom did – apply on make-up, hair curlers, high heels, wear dresses, purses and accessories and most of all, nail polish was my biggest fetish growing up. 4. How do you do you hair every morning? I like to blow dry it straight or give it big waves with my super reliable Hot Tools curler. 5. What is your favourite movie? If you know me, I’ve probably seen every movie that came out so I have many favourites and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of them. But the ones that stood out for me and still have myself questioning about it until this day are Shutter Island and Inception. Gotta love Leonardo, he is an amazing actor hands down and no doubt about it. 6. What is your guilty pleasure? Surprisingly to most people who knows me best, knows that I don’t like chocolate, sweets or any type of junk food. But I do get the occasional cravings for cookies, whether it be macadamia, shortbread or oatmeal. 7. What do you love about yourself? I love that I am independent, maybe too independent in my friends’ opinion which can be negative thing in relationships. 8. Do you like sports? What’s your favourite? Come on, me? Sports? LOL I don’t really like sports but if I had to pick, it would be soccer (football). 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil baby!!! 9. Do you have pets? I did when I was younger. I had a pair of budgies and a pair of fighting fishies that didn’t live very long (I forgot to feed them, I still feel very terrible about it today). My boyfriend and I hope to adopt a pug very soon, yay! 10. What’s your fashion style? I am really feeling the bohemian-rock style right now. Effortless but still chic at the same time. I’ve got my phases and this is one of them. Questions asked by +Sie Cajilig from Pastel Rave: 1. If you were an insect, what would you be? Butterfly, so I can flutter to other parts of the world.

2. What’s your special skill? Drawing

3. Who is your favourite artist? Salvador Dali, surrealist artist

4. What’s your favourite fairytale? Cinderella

5. What is your life quote & why? Laughter is the best medicine. In life you should always put on a smile and a positive attitude no matter how big or small the problem may be. Good things will always come your way if you work hard and believe in yourself.

6. When did you start caring about your appearance? When I was 4!

7. Where can I normally find you? At a bubble tea cafe with my laptop and/or iPad mini. 8. Why do you think Patrick Star was used to clean a cactus in Spongebob Squarepant’s ep “Suds”? I don’t know. 9. Who’s your favourite make up artist? I don’t know any but Michelle Phan lol, because I am my own artist. 10. Would you rather stay widely awake for a week or keep in deep slumber for 14 days? I wouldn’t be able to last 24 hours without sleep, so I’d fail at this. Haha! 11. Who’s your fashion inspiration? I’ve been raised by FTV, Vogue and Questions asked by +Busola Coutts from The Fashion Stir Fry: 1. Why did you start blogging? I always had a passion for fashion growing up and wanted to become a fashion designer since a child, but it never happened for me because my parents were not very supportive of my dreams and said it was too impractical. I regret doing what was best for my parents and now that I feel it is too late for me to turn back the clock, so I have decided to share my knowledge and experiences with people with the same interests through blogging. Also I’ve worked as a teller for 7 years and my clients have always asked me for fashion advice and many thought I wore a new outfit everyday. I thought it was funny and told them the secret is all about the mixing up parts and pieces of your closet making it new everyday with key trend pieces. 2. Who takes your photos? I have a few photographers taking turns on different weeks taking my photos. We try to keep the style of the photography almost identical. 3. Favourite social media site and why? I am an Instagram addict. I love posting pictures and viewing celebrity photos and videos. Kudos to them for finally adding the video feature on there. I don’t have to open another app, Vine, to do that anymore. Everything can be done on one app now, phew. 4. What do you worry about when publishing a new post? Grammatical errors, I’m pretty sure I have a ton throughout my blog. Oh well, I think of it as my diary. Short, sweet and raw! We don’t spell check our diaries right? Lol! 5. Favourite blog post to date? All of them are my favourite because I put in a lot of time and effort into writing each post and taking and editing each photo so they’re all pretty special to me. 6. What is your favourite dessert or sweet? As I mentioned earlier, I don’t like sweets. But if I had to choose, I’d go with Tofu Pudding (Douhua). It’s a Chinese dessert. 7. Favourite Indie designer? Loeffler Randall is a great indie shoe designer. The collections are invariably cute and wearable. I am in love with the Rider Bags. *drools*

8. If you have a chance to play in a movie, with which actor or actress would you like to be with? Bradley Cooper, need I say more?

9. Heels, wedges or flats? Heels all the way! I love how it contours and elongates the legs, especially for short girls like me. Haha! I heard on the radio last month that wedges are the #1 worst shoe that men hate. I don’t understand why wedges take the crown and Crocs come in second? Is it that bad?

10. Three words that best describe your blog. Simple, chic and personal.

11. What is one thing you can do that you know you will never fail at? Dress well =p

The following 8 are my nominees (I agree with +Busola Coutts, rules are made to be broken & 8 is a lucky number): 1. +trinh quan & Yins from Styllife 2. +Kar Yan Chan from Dear Karyan 3. +Mak Lind from Beautiful Freaks 4. +Neil Alvin Nicerio from The Backpack Adventures 5. +Ker Yi Lau from Just Being Ker Yi 6. +Violet Kibua from Kibua’s World 7. +Zarina Olujobi from Zoooao 8. +Karolina Kolano from Bynse My Questions To My Nominees: 1. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be? Why? 2. What is your proudest moment of all time? 3. What is your guilty pleasure? 4. What makes your blog unique from thousands of other blogs? 5. What inspires you to blog? 6. Who is your favourite designer? 7. Three words that your friends will say to describe you. 8. Where do you imagine your perfect vacation? 9. What is your favourite book? 10. What’s in your purse? (for the ladies) Man purse? (for the fellas) 11. One tip for all bloggers out there? Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful weekend!

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