How to Get the Androgynous look for Winter-Men’s Casual Shirts!

What is Androgynous?

The Androgynous look basically means any gender can wear it! So, if you are a female you may want to lose some of your femininity by opting for a more masculine appeal, however although this highlights a more boyish trend, many women feel empowering and sexy when they rock it. For women it’s about generally opting for a more fitted kind of style, like skinny jeans and tight fitted shirts but some of the men’s casualshirts at a place like Roger David can look great on women too. Right now they look best when they are worn buttoned up to the collar and loosely hung over slender fitted denims or chinos.

Here in Australia the winter season means lovely sunny sunshine this is great for getting into the Androgynous vibe as you are free to showcase your true style in all its full glory. Winter is the perfect time to express your style and to be brave and bold with your choice of design and colour, are you brave enough to rock a sex-blending trend?…

Let’s explore what’s available

Girly style!

For girls you could opt for a men’s casual flannel shirt tucked into a sexy pair of hot pants or denim shorts because since the sun is blazing right, what better way to get those legs out whilst loosely covering those shoulders to keep you cool and prevent burning on those really hot days.

You have to option to tuck the shirt in or you may want to tie a knot into or you could even wear a man’s casual shirt open with a strappy vest top underneath.

Boyish or Bold?

For other patterns, you can either opt for something extremely bold and brave like the floral prints which we are seeing right now or go for a more smart boyish look with cool pastel shades instead.

A pastel shirt by House of Holland

To make the look androgynous it’s all about the way you wear it. Always button the shirt right up to the collar and then, for cool pastels, you could roll the sleeves up and tuck it in or hand it over a nice fitted pair of chinos, rolled up at them hem and pop on some mens casual shoesto complete a summery look!

Source: Robert Sheie

Ugly leather shoes are in right now – I know, who would have thought! Or you may want to be brave and consider feminine patterns such as a bold floral print in exciting exotic shades, and try wearing it with a plain pair of stubbies.

Try it out, start raiding your boyfriend’s wardrobe and see what styles you can create. Boys, take your girlfriend shopping with you and get her opinion on what kind of designs of men’s casual shirts she might pull off – that’s if he doesn’t find the whole thing a bit weird…

Written by: Sue Williams

Stay Fabulous

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