Pajamas: Thanks to Aegean Apparel (here)

We are 13 days away from Christmas and it’s truly agonizing. Part of me hope for the days to go by slowly to savour the festive holiday spirit all around the city. While the other part of me wants to whim through the next 13 days of craziness.

All of my holiday shopping is finished and everyone’s gifts are beautifully wrapped under my tree. The feeling of waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping all of the presents under the tree in your flannel pajamas is every child’s favourite moment of the season. Do you remember the scene from Home Alone when Kevin and his family rounded up in the living room on Christmas day in their flannel pjs? I absolutely loved it. These cozy gold foil dotted flannels fits this moment just right especially on those chilly nights when you think the heater in your home is just not enough to keep you warm. There is nothing better than celebrating the holidays with flair and style by dressing up in flannel holiday pajamas like this chic number by Aegean Apparel.

Photos by Brian Ngo

This post is brought to you by Aegean Apparel.

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