French Faced With Darphin

On top of my skincare regime is always a good serum to do what it needs to for my skin, especially for the late summer season.

Typically, I like to change up my products every season so my skin gets the proper treatment and care it needs for each season.

Every ninety days, our skin goes through cellular turnover and the products that used to work for our skin is probably no longer effective so we need to switch up our products.

Currently, I've been using Darphin's Intral Redness Relief Soothing Serum which helps reduce the redness of irritated skin and sun burns. This past summer, I've been out in the sun a lot so this serum has helped

reduce the redness and dry patches and it is extremely gentle. It doesn't have a burning sensation or leave any inflammation on my skin. Also, I've had laser hair removal done on my upper lip. In my opinion, the procedure was not painless. It had a burning sensation so this serum was the perfect solution to cool down the irritated area and take away the dry patches it had caused.

How to use: I applied about 2 pumps onto the palms of my hands and gently massage onto my face, neck and decollete. Follow by my moisturizer, always.

Sponsored by Darphin

Photography by Brian Ngo

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