Zara Print Dress (here) | J. Crew Statement Necklace | Manolo Blahnik Sandals

I have exciting personal news! I got accepted to the Bachelor of Commerce: Fashion Management program and will be starting school tomorrow. I applied mid-August and finally got a hold of the enrolment officer today. Everything is happening so fast. I’ll be starting the program in the second year of the 4-year program and was granted a scholarship. How amazing is that?! I made the same wish twice on my birthday last week and it has come true today. I’m so stoked! Never had a thought that I’d be going back to school again after 5 years. I am finally following my childhood dreams and this is a huge step for me besides blogging about what I love most, fashion.

Aside from my back-to-school news, I had a wonderful photo shoot with Brian Ngo on Sunday at the Royal Botanical Gardens. He usually photographs wallpaper-esque landscapes of our beautiful city of Toronto and surrounding areas. For this shoot, I styled this new print dress with a white statement necklace and rustic gold bracelets. If you are ever in doubt with accessorizing your prints, look for accessories that correlates with one or two colours on your outfit. In my case, my dress has some white florals in the print so I opted for a white statement piece. You don’t want to take away the attention of your outfit with an odd colour like purple or green with this dress. So keep it correlated and be careful to not overpower the look.

Stay Fabulous!

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