Hola amigos! Reporting to you live here in Riviera Maya, Mexico and it is steamy hot here at 30+ degrees celsius. My hair isn’t on point as usual due to the humidity here but it didn’t stop me from curling my hair and hoping that it will last at least a half-hour or an hour for just pictures. I am trying my best to update ya’ll with my ETA but the internet connection in my room is making me lose my patience so I’m hitting the beach and snapping away some pictures as well as catching up on my beauty sleep. (Follow me @lovebtntheracks on Instagram for current and live updates).

Last night I wore this beautiful resort-like caftan dress (it isn’t resort if it isn’t white, right?) with my new Burberry strappy heels. I’ve been eyeing these heels since I laid my eyes on the My Burberry ad featuring my fave super models, Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss, wearing the strappy heels with the iconic khaki trench coat. Hope ya’ll are having a beautiful start to the summer. Yes, it’s officially summer now! Enjoy!!!

Zara caftan dress / Burberry strappy heels

Get the look:

Photos by Brian Ngo

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