D.I.Y. Purple Suede Nails

This is the same style and concept as my previous post, “Blue Simmer & Shimmer.” This suede colour is applied onto my girlfriend’s hands to show you that you can have fun with any colour for this half moon design.

The clear rhinestones and gold beads are applied meticulously with a tweezer and dotting tool. The top clear coat adds shine and shimmer to the suede colour.

What you need for this look:

1. Base & top coat

2. Any nail colour you desire (I used OPI Suede Lincoln After Dark)

3. Tweezers

4. Dotting tool

5. Clear rhinestones

6. Gold beads

7. Reinforcements (10 stickers)

How to do this look:

1. Stick each reinforcement on each nail, top cuticle area, to create that half moon shape

2. Apply base coat to bottom of the nails

3. Apply two coats of your desired nail colour

4. Remove the stickers

5. Apply top coat to entire nail beds

6. Use tweezers or dotting tool to apply each clear rhinestone outlining the half moon (please refer to the photo for reference)

7. Once done, do the same with the gold beads on the outer or inner surface of the rhinestones (this is up to you how you want your nails to look, refer to photo for reference)

8. Apply top coat nails to seal and secure the rhinestones and beads

9. Dry nails with fan until completely dry

10. Apply top coat next day to secure your rhinestones and beads

Hope you enjoy my nail tutorial. Leave a comment below if you would like a video tutorial.


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