Sawatdeekah! I haven’t forgotten about my blog yet so I’m back to update y’all on what’s been happening in my crazy life. I’ve been terribly busy with school assignments and studying for the finals. I really wish I don’t have too many group assignments next semester. It’s a drag to chase everyone for their parts and I don’t understand why I become the mediator of all my groups this year.

Anyways, enough about school. It’s the holidays now and what better way to spend it then to fly off to Asia. I am venturing out into six different countries and my first stop right now is beautiful Bangkok, Thailand. Yesterday was a fulfilling shopping adventure where my girlfriend and I literally dropped and crashed as we got back to our hotel at the Central Plaza. Funny thing is we didn’t shop till we dropped, we walked plenty and visited various parts of the city till our legs gave up on us. The shopping and the local people were extremely nice. Everywhere you went, you are greeted very kindly with a warm genuine smile. The locals are ridiculously helpful despite their lack of English speaking skills. Most people I seek assistance from did not understand me but they were still very eager to help.

Where to shop:

Central Plaza is for the middle class; affordable pricing points. An abundant of electronics can be found here.

Siam Center is geared towards the thrifty generation who seeks exclusivity. I’d recommend picking up a fruitful doughnut at Bapple on the fourth floor for either snacks or desserts.

Siam Paragon is where you will find high fashion designer labels like Balenciaga, Hermes and Chanel.

Terminal 21 shopping mall is very unique and different from other shopping centre. It is definitely worth a visit. The mall had nine stories dedicated to specific themes… London, Paris, Istanbul, Tokyo, etc. You can expect to find different items that you don’t see in other places.

Night Market:

Patpong One of Bangkok’s famous nightspots. This market is transformed from daytime ghost town to a busy market for garments and knockoff items. Also, one of Bangkok’s red light districts.

Khao San Road is Bangkok’s bohemian and busiest market packed with backpackers from around the globe enjoying each other’s company in a colourful, friendly atmosphere.

Two restaurants I’ve tasted were extremely delightful. I’d recommend Shabu Shi located inside many shopping malls. It was very much like Sushi Train in Australia except it’s shabu style eating. It is served with a hot pot of soup boiled over gas heat. Raw seafood, meats, tofu, dumplings, and vegetables are dropped into the boiling pot to cook. It is very much like Chinese style hot pot, but Japanese style. Second location I recommend is Cabbages and Condoms. Yes, that’s right!… Condoms! Condoms were vastly used for their interior decor. Beautiful green environment and ambiance, tasteful Thai cuisine, attentive customer service, and a tall condom Santa Clause and Christmas tree is worth a visit. I totally recommend these two locations and a relaxing massage to follow after a full and content appetite.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your week!


Stay Fabulous

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