Front Row Shop skirt (here) | Zara crop top

Today’s outfit essential: the a-line skirt with soft pleats. It may be a difficult piece to pull off especially with petite body frames like mine. The pleats creates a bulge in the mid area so you want to avoid looking short and shapeless as much as possible. The pleats in any skirt looks best with a fitted crop top or a top paired with a waist belt to define the waistline creating an illusion of longer legs. It’s a fun outfit for the summer so be adventurous with the prints and colours.

Thank you all greatly for participating in my last giveaway. Congratulations to Mariana Celezce on winning the $100 ASOS GC Giveaway. It was fun reading through all of your suggestions for my next giveaway and it has given me a lot of ideas to host my next ones. I look forward to it. I do really appreciate it!

Stay Fabulous

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Photos by T. Pham, Brian Ngo

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