A Beach Not to Miss in Puerto Vallarta

The Marieta Islands holds one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever encountered. If you are an adventurist and a travel junky like I am then Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a top destination to add onto your bucket list.

Unfortunately, I did not have a waterproof camera on me that day so this Google image depicts what my girlfriend and I saw that day on our excursion accompanied by Vallarta Adventures, Islas Marietas. The adventure takes you out sea on their fiberglass twin deck catamaran that occupied about 150 passengers, open bar, 2 rest rooms and about 10 crew members at your service. The waters around the Marietas Islands are as clear as can be and the marine life is abundant. Once we were out at the islands, the eco-guides take you out for some amazing kayaking, snorkeling and lead you on a guided tour. Also, the island is designated as a National Park in 2005 and you will find the greatest numbers of booby birds. Yes, that’s right. “Booby” birds. They are considered endangered and your only chance to encounter them is on the Marieta Islands. It is illegal to step foot onto the island because the island is their nesting area and many guests in the past have accidentally stepped onto their eggs before the law was enforced. Even scientists are forbidden to touch these grounds.

The staff were extremely helpful, attentive and friendly. Overall, I’d recommend this adventure to anyone who loves beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, natural habitats and/or love to travel and see the world as much as I do.

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