1960’s Mod at Ice ‘n Cake

This mod revived shift dress by Asos is super fun to wear on a nice sunny day out on the patio, which I did with a few girlfriends for dinner last night in this outfit. I love the bright pink and purple diamond patterns on this simple yet elegant dress. I got this dress a couple years ago and forgot that it was still in my closet with its tag on. I finally got to wear it yesterday in the beautiful sunny weather. Which is about time for real spring weather here in Toronto so we can all finally enjoy the fabulous spring fashion.

Asos shift dress

Prada Saffiano bag

Jimmy Choo peep toe heels

My girlfriend’s Ice ‘n Cake gelato and patisserie place inside the Shops at Don Mills is delightful and the place to go when you’re in Toronto. Look for Sue and she will recommend you a whole lot of sweet goodies you will absolutely love.

Saw something bizarre and my photographer caught my expression on camera.

I rocked this mod dress with a fun diagonal French braid and I love how the style shows off my ombre hair.

Photographed by Vivian Chin

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